Business re-engineering

Is your business under-performing? Are your margins contracting? Is your market share dropping? Are you optimizing your capacity? We can help.

Property Review & Physical Audit:

  • Examine and carry out a complete property audit of all areas, layouts, work & service flows, systems, processes, equipment, MEP and FF&E.

          Corrective & actionable outcomes:

  • Current design layouts and space allocation for operational efficiency.
  • Specifications and functional efficiency of all equipment and FF&E.
  • Positioning of the property.

Plans for Expansion and remodeling:

  • Examine that the new plan and design requirements exceed market benchmarks and trends.

          Corrective & actionable outcomes:

  • Advice on all designs, planned spend, funding and procurement needs.
  • Recommendations for repositioning of the property and re-strategizing the sales & marketing plan.

Review & Audit of Operations:

  • Independent review of current management practices, culture, systems and standards, policies and SOPs and communication cascade.
  • Evidence that industry benchmarks are being maintained.
  • Evaluate whether the product, people and processes are geared for consistent delivery.
  • Examine and review all Operating Ratios – and challenge all major Fixed & Variable Costs.
  • Analyze Pricing, Occupancy, ARR, REVPAR ratios of the Rooms Division.
  • Examine Food & Beverage pricing, APC and cost and revenues ratios.

          Corrective & actionable outcomes:

  • Short-term and mid-term goals and actionable solutions.
  • Recommend remedial action plan with time-bound targets and milestones.
  • Prescribe revenue/yield management practices & policies.
  • Re-define mechanisms of F&B revenue optimization – menu re-engineering/pricing/design.


We offer our clients a unique resource of a robust, and economical ‘mobile and web based distribution platform’ for their properties – though our strategic partner Resotel”


The Reshotel mobile distribution platform ( is ideal for any type of hotel property including boutique or small Hotels, budget hotels, guest houses, home-stays and lodges. Delivered through a mobile and web platform, your property will have access to an easy, efficient and economically viable online presence. Reshotel takes care of all your pain points, so with a single sign

up your property can avail of the following products and features:

  • Hotel’s own website & hosting – Completely free of charge.
  • Booking engine with integrated Payment Gateway
  • Auto-sync Hotel channel manager – connecting you to 10+ hotel booking channels like trip advisor, goibibo, makemytrip, expedia, etc.
  • Cloud based hotel software which auto-updates inventory, prices and rate plans
  • Option to add promotions and many more features that are constantly being updated and added based on our hotelier client feedback.